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The first stage of any good garden is the design. When looking at your 'fresh air room' we work with you to find out your wants and needs for your space and help you get there.

We start with a consultation and go over your ideas. We discuss the hardscape elements i.e. walls, patios, fences etc.. the bones of the garden! We can then do a soil test to see what plants are best suited to the area. We can also discuss what types of plants you like or dislike, colors, would you like to have a veg garden etc...


The construction of hardscape elements is one of the foundations of any good garden design.

We have over 20 years’ experience in constructing landscape features.

• Patios - brick, natural stone and concrete
• Walls - Natural stone, Interlocking block and wooden
• Walkways and steps – brick, natural stone, wood and        concrete
• Driveways – Interlocking blocks, brick, concrete and          gravel
• Water features – ponds, falls etc…
• Custom carpentry – Arbors, arches, gates, fencing and           MORE…


Planting & Transplanting

Poor planting is the number one reason for the failure of plants. We take great care in our plant selection and planting. We can transplant anything from a small fern to a large tree.

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