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Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

We carry out a full range of ornamental tree and shrub care, from pruning to winter protection.

Perennial Flower Beds

Flowers bring color and beneficial insects to your garden. We can bring back any flower beds that have been neglected or just need a touch up with more plants. Sometimes called 'fine gardening'.

Plant Health Care

The health of your plants is key to the attractiveness of your garden.  We are going to be starting a wide range of plant health applications in the coming year, which will include techniques such as fertilization and pest control. 

Lawn Care

Everyone wants a luscious green lawn. But does it need to be a monoculture of grass? We maintain lawns so that they are a safe, green usable space.

Organic Garden Care

We maintain your property with the emphases on recycling, reducing and reusing all of the material used in the garden and what your garden produces (we do not use the word waste).

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