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'Your Garden Curator' is a full service landscape design, construction and maintenance company that uses an organic approach in all of your garden's needs. 

The organic approach to land care recognizes the marvelous complexity of our living world; the detailed and intricate ways in which all living organisms are interconnected.

It is more than just a matter of replacing synthetic chemicals with natural products, as it is often simplistically described.

When practicing organic land care the aim is to work within this delicate framework, in harmony with nature.


Design & Construction

Organic Garden Care


Tree and Shrub Care

Perennial Flower Beds

Plant Health Care​

Snow Management

If you think you have something else that you would like us to do,
Just Ask

My garden has blossomed with our partnership. It is a place of great beauty and originality, which gives me enormous pleasure and satisfaction.

Newton, MA.

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